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Moving Musings: Realizing I don’t need 21 coffee mugs

I moved to Waterloo last week. What a friggin’ chore. May was a marathon month filled with boxing, purging, cursing, organizing, cursing, cleaning and more cursing. Here are 15 reflections from my move this time around. Advertisements

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Hay Bale to the Head: A lesson in work-life balance

We’ve all heard the expression “I’m completely buried with work.” Of course, it’s usually meant figuratively. But there was this one time when I got to witness the literal application of this old adage. As a teenager my younger brother … Continue reading

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Hot tubs, High kicks and Back flips: What babies can teach us about materialism

Guest Post by Darryl Cox (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) This past holiday season was my first as a parent. My wife and I were very excited at the thought of seeing our 11 month old daughter, Gwenyth, on Christmas morning with … Continue reading

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Keys, Coke and Coach purses: Don’t cry over spilt milk

Guest post by Jen Hayton (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) I have certain rituals in the morning. The first is that I carry 2 cans of Coke in my purse to work, which I drink immediately upon arriving. My coworkers know I … Continue reading

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Simple Living Digest

I’ve started to post quick and easy simple living tips and advice on my Facebook Page and Twitter account.  This page is an ongoing compendium of those tips. I’m constantly adding new items so be sure to check back often. Be … Continue reading

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I’ve Never… had a tastier grapefruit.

Three years ago this month I was diagnosed with chronic mylogenous leukemia (CML). What followed was a long journey involving chemotherapy, radiation, boat-loads of drugs, a bone marrow transplant and recovery. It required sacrifices like losing what little hair I had left, … Continue reading

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10 Simple New Year’s Resolutions

Merry belated Christmas everybody! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday filled with family, friends and good times. I for one had a great, if not exhausting, time. With New Year’s Eve a few short days away, have you … Continue reading

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