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Big Ol’ Jar of Coins: The little things add up

It takes a long friggin’ time to roll two years-worth of spare change. My decision to suck it up and roll my coins last week was motivated by a few things: I don’t want to lug all my change with … Continue reading

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The Ugliest Pie in the Land: Dealing with life’s curveballs

My roommate Shane and I are typical bachelors in many ways. I’ve got a Superman poster in my bedroom. Shane’s got a bunch of Star Wars toys in his. The furniture in our place is a mishmash of used pieces, … Continue reading

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Buck naked on the kitchen floor: The dangers of standing still for too long

One of my favourite poems by Robert Service is called “The Men That Don’t Fit In.” It opens with the following:

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Blind, deaf… and pretty dumb: Failing (and feeling) your way to success

Whenever my extended family gets together you can usually count on three things: a lot of boxed wine, a lot of Euchre and a lot of jackassery. Our Easter celebration this past weekend delivered on all three counts.

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Too occupied to occupy

Guest post by Tara Ouchterlony (Kapuskasing and Ottawa Ontario, Canada) When the whole Occupy Wall Street movement started back in September, I was intrigued by what I gathered was some kind of spontaneous protest against banks and big finance. Eventually, … Continue reading

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“I’m the fulcrum!”: Lessons in less

As the rear door on the cargo van swung shut on my head, I thought to myself: “Moving is a lot less fun than I remember it being.” Last week I volunteered to help my friend Rob with the ungodly … Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Project: That’s a wrap!

What do the Thundercats, cheap wine and the 1993 Montreal Canadiens have in common? They’re all part of the Thanksgiving Project! The Thanksgiving Project list is now 1,190 items long! The goal was to hit the 1,000 mark by the … Continue reading

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