Buck naked on the kitchen floor: The dangers of standing still for too long

One of my favourite poems by Robert Service is called “The Men That Don’t Fit In.” It opens with the following: Continue reading

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Blind, deaf… and pretty dumb: Failing (and feeling) your way to success

Whenever my extended family gets together you can usually count on three things: a lot of boxed wine, a lot of Euchre and a lot of jackassery. Our Easter celebration this past weekend delivered on all three counts. Continue reading

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What running over my brother taught me about the domino effect

One thing leads to another. Ain’t that the truth. I had this lesson hammered home at an early age thanks to an unfortunate series of events in Port Albert, Ontario. It was the summer of 1988 and I was eight years old.

My stomach did cartwheels as I sat on my bicycle and stared down the hill near our house. I had only recently learned how to ride a bike and this would be my first time going down a hill like this. Continue reading

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Writing Notes: Multimedia Storytelling

This was a special week over at Plot Hinge with the introduction of the Memory Match game. (If you’re unfamiliar with Plot Hinge, it’s a fictional serial novel I am writing where the outcome of real world events determine how each weekly chapter unfolds.) A huge thank you goes out to Luke VanOsch and his team who put the game together. And to Jody Martin and Brandon Brackenbury who supplied the artwork. Continue reading

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Redefining our relationship with work

Finding a job that is rewarding and fulfilling is great. But do we expect too much from our work?

As with most things in life, it’s how we look at situations that shape our responses to them. I came across an excerpt recently that offers an interesting perspective on how much we demand from our jobs. In some ways it clashes with some of my thinking about jobs and careers but at the same time I think it makes a lot of sense. In Your Money or Your Life, authors Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin say there is often a: Continue reading

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Spavings: Being mindful of marketing traps

The more you spend, the more you save… Really? Continue reading

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Why unlikely friendships are awesome

Guest post by Bryna Jones (Toronto, Ontario)

I’ve recently made friends with a homeless woman named Valerie. Like many adult friendships, it didn’t happen on purpose, but grew out of the regular sharing of public space; that space being the sidewalk in front of the LCBO on Dupont, which I pass everyday on my walk from the subway to work. Continue reading

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