Hello. I’m Josh Martin. This is my website. Here’s a bit about myself.

 3 places of interest I’ve lived:

  1. A swamp
  2. A laundry room
  3. My mom’s couch


My bucket list has 3 items:

  1. Join the Sour Toe Club (Check!)
  2. Be my own boss
  3. Have a cabin in the woods


My 3 favourite Sesame Street Characters/Muppets:

  1. The Yip Yip Martians
  2. Guy Smiley
  3. Cookie Monster

 3 Nicknames I’ve had over the years:

  1. Jewish (I was raised Christian – this one is still a mystery)
  2. J Nosh
  3. Fudgie the Whale


3 dates that stick out in my head:

  1. July 17, 1996
  2. August 10, 2007
  3. October 15, 2008


3 places I’d like to travel to next:

  1. Newfoundland
  2. Nepal
  3. Belize

2 Responses to Bio

  1. sophie says:

    hello sir josh!

    sophie here – i’m a buddy of tara tracy’s. whilst (AWW YEAH; WHILST!) celebrating new year’s eve with tara and our friends up in a cottage in huntsville a couple weeks ago, she too inspired me to make 2011 a year of buying nothing new.

    i saw a link to your blog on her facebook page, and i thought i’d say 4 things:

    a) awesome that you’re taking this on!
    12) great blog!
    t) if you want to share tips, thoughts, or need moral support, i’m blogging about my year too at:
    9) the yip yip martians rule so hard it’s almost nauseating.

    …and so do we!

    • thanks for your comment, Sophie! Good on ya for taking the nothing new year as well! I’ll be sure to follow your adventures on your blog. In sum, the 3 most inspiring people in the universe are Tara Tracy and the 2 yip yip martians.

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