“The key to happiness and freedom is a sense of humour and a sense of humour is nothing more or less than the ability to laugh at oneself”
– Jim Unger, Canadian cartoonist of “Herman”

Life’s not a joke. But it’s pretty damn funny.

I’m Josh Martin and welcome to my site! Over the years I’ve learned (and continue to learn) a lot of important lessons from life’s many misadventures. This blog is my platform to share some of those life lessons and to hear about yours too.

I’ve also learned that Jim Unger is right: the ability to laugh at oneself—to learn from your mistakes and not let situations drag you down—is critical to happiness and freedom.

I saw the power of laughter and sense of humour while volunteering on a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana in 2005. In the midst of injustice, trauma and hardships, there was no shortage of laughter and smiles as the Liberians worked to improve their lives.

A sense of humour also played an ever-so important role in my dealing with and overcoming leukemia in my late 20s. I don’t want to say that laughter was the best medicine. The combination of methotrexate, vincristine, doxorubicin and prednisone was probably the best medicine. But laughter ranked up there as a close second for sure.

Yup, a sense of humour can elevate us in even the shittiest of circumstances.

In addition to being a misadventurer, I consider myself a moderate minimalist and often write on the subject of simple living. Check out my simple living articles here.

I’ve written a couple books as well so be sure to check those out while you’re here!

I’m a Canadian (hence the “u” in humour), vegetarian and card-carrying member of the Sour Toe Cocktail Club.

I hope you enjoy the many lessons learned from life’s absurd moments. You can subscribe in the top right of the page to receive email notifications of new stories. And you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Josh Martin Ink


2 Responses to About/Contact

  1. burke_mado@yahoo.com says:

    I like your attitude about life, especially the lacing of humour that ripples through most of what I see. I am too darn serious for my own good too much of the time. I want to read your work life balance ideas.

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