Moving Musings: Realizing I don’t need 21 coffee mugs

I moved to Waterloo last week. What a friggin’ chore. May was a marathon month filled with boxing, purging, cursing, organizing, cursing, cleaning and more cursing. Here are 15 reflections from my move this time around.

  1. My life in boxes.

    Why the hell do I own 21 coffee mugs? I’m pretty sure a total of 5 have ever been used.

  2. No matter how finished packing you think you are, there’s always one more drawer, cupboard or closet you forgot about.
  3. The appropriate response to finding that yet-to-be-packed drawer, cupboard or closet is “SON OF A BITCH!”
  4. When did that jar of Nutella explode in the back of the pantry?
  5. When did I ever own a jar of Nutella?
  6. What’s in Nutella that I need a screwdriver to chip it off the shelf?
  7. Don’t forget to set aside a set of clothes for moving day before you pack your dresser and closet.
  8. The quality of organization degrades over time. Boxes go from having helpful labels such as “books”, “kitchen mugs” and “DVDs” to “Random crap”, “Stuff”, and “Computer keyboard, comic books and jar of pickles”.
  9. Pack your printer’s power cable with your printer. Especially when you have an upcoming presentation and need to print off your speaking notes.
  10. When you’re cleaning out your fridge, it’s important to recycle your plastic containers. However, when you find a Tupperware container with 3 devilled eggs from Easter in it, THROW IT ALL AWAY. DO NOT OPEN TO SAVE THE CONTAINER. I’m getting sick just thinking about it.
  11. Even after you’ve purged and downsized, you’ll probably find that you still don’t need half the stuff you’ve packed. It’s been over a week since I’ve been at my new place and most of the many unpacked boxes I still have in the garage could probably stay there and I’d never notice.
  12. Just because you’re moved, doesn’t mean you’re settled. It takes a long time to get back into a rhythm/routine. Moving is quite discombobulating.
  13. Don’t move the same weekend you have your cousin’s wedding.
  14. If you do move the same weekend as your cousin’s wedding, go easy on the table wine and open bar. Finding those devilled eggs sucks. Finding them while hungover is a vomit guarantee.
  15. That can of pea soup you’ve had with you in the last 3 places you’ve lived can probably be donated to your local food bank. It’s time. Let it go.

What moving advice or reflections do you have? Share them in the comment section below.


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