Writing Notes: Multimedia Storytelling

This was a special week over at Plot Hinge with the introduction of the Memory Match game. (If you’re unfamiliar with Plot Hinge, it’s a fictional serial novel I am writing where the outcome of real world events determine how each weekly chapter unfolds.) A huge thank you goes out to Luke VanOsch and his team who put the game together. And to Jody Martin and Brandon Brackenbury who supplied the artwork.

The new Memory Match game over at Plot Hinge.

We live in an exciting time where technology and social media continue to push the boundaries of traditional writing and publishing. The availability of multimedia elements—like the Memory Match game, reader polls and videos—provides writers with fresh opportunities to tell their stories.

The internet opens up opportunities to innovate and experiment with new forms of storytelling. Thanks to community platforms like blogs, Facebook and Twitter, the walls between readers and writers are starting to crumble, allowing the two sides to interact and collaborate.

I think there will always be a place in the world for traditional, printed books. The tactile experience alone gives them value. But I’m excited about the future of publishing and finding new and innovative ways to create and share stories.

What do you think? What do you think the future of storytelling looks like?

More, please.

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