Action Alert: Stem Cell Drive for David Geneen

Dear Friends:

As many of you know, I was the recipient of a stem cell transplant back in 2008 that saved my life from leukemia. Even though I have seven siblings, none of them were a match. So my doctors turned to the national and international registries to find me one.

I remember when I got the call from Dr. Yee telling me that they had found me a match. I was in my underwear and danced so hard I nearly puked (seriously, I was on a lot of chemo at the time and shouldn’t have been jumping around like that). And now, thanks to the generousity of a complete stranger from Europe, I am alive and well.

I am living proof that these registries save lives. With that in mind I want to let you know about a stem cell swab event happening in Toronto later this month for David Geneen. Here’s a message from David’s sister, Lucy, about the situation:

Your help is urgently needed to find a stem cell match for David Geneen who has been diagnosed with a pre-leukemia blood disease called Myedlodysplasic syndrome (MDS), which is a chronic and eventually fatal illness.

He is in an urgent need of a stem cell transplant to ensure that he can be here for his wife Linda and kids Daniel and Julian Geneen.

You may know David as the charismatic owner of Grand Touring Automobiles on Dupont, or as the long-time member of the Island Yacht Club. His love of life and his personal style has made an indelible mark on Toronto.

Holy Blossom is hosting a stem cell registry drive to find a match for David .

Date: Sunday March 25
Time: 12 to 4 pm
Where: Holy Blossom Synagogue,
1950 Bathurst street just south of Eglinton
Philip Smith Hall

We encourage you to come by, meet David, his family and Lucy and register for the stem cell registry. It is a quick and painless cheek swab that may mean the gift of life for David, and many others in his situation. We have a draw and a little gift for each person who comes. And you can learn what your blood type is on site whether you get swabbed or not.

A perfect match would be a male between the ages 17-35 of Jewish descent but we test both sexes up to age 50.

Who knows? Maybe the gift of life is in you, right now.

Thanks everybody! We live in an amazing country with incredible doctors, drugs and medical technology. But in situations like this, when the search is on for a donor, we also need the generousity and camaraderie of our fellow citizens.

Call to Action

  1. Come out to this event on March 25th.
  2. If you can’t make it out to the Toronto event you can join the stem cell registry by visiting They’ll even mail you a swab kit that you can do at home. Easy peesie.
  3. Join David Geneen Bone Marrow Drive Facebook page.
  4. Spread the word. Share this post and the link to the Facebook page with as many people as you can.
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One Response to Action Alert: Stem Cell Drive for David Geneen

  1. milan says:

    I can provide swab, if needed.

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