A Call for Submissions

One of the awesome things about this blog is hearing from you guys. Whenever I publish one of my Life Lessons posts I love hearing back from readers who share their own absurd stories on the subject.

So this is a call for submissions! Tell me about the lessons you learned from absurd moments in your life and I’ll share some of them on this site. And don’t feel limited to writing about simple living/minimalism. Those are topics I’m passionate about. But you’re welcome to submit anything under the broad category of “life lessons” (be it advice about family, relationships, social etiquette, personal development, fitness, careers, etc.).

Submission criteria:

  1. Keep it short (as in, under 500 words).
  2. All posts should stick to the “funny stories, good advice” formula. I’m excited to read your funny stories but be sure to include a life lesson along with them! Click here to see how I put mine together.
  3. Your submission may be edited for length, typos, formatting, etc.
  4. I’ll happily include your web URL if you have one when I introduce you as that day’s guest blogger. So try not to overdo it with links back to your own site in the body of your submission.
  5. Please note that not all submissions will be published. I’ll be picking and choosing the submissions that I feel work best for the site.

Fill out the form below to send me your stories. Thanks for sharing! I’m really excited to hear from you.

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to let me publish your writing on Josh Martin Ink.

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