“I’m the fulcrum!”: Lessons in less

As the rear door on the cargo van swung shut on my head, I thought to myself: “Moving is a lot less fun than I remember it being.” Last week I volunteered to help my friend Rob with the ungodly chore of moving him to his new apartment in Toronto.

The day progressed as most moving days do. Fingers getting pinched in door frames. Rob nearly breaking down in tears as he discovered yet another closet we had to pack up. Getting excited about finally being able to put our Tetris skills to work in the moving van.

With the first load of the cargo van nearly complete, we had one more bulky dresser to squeeze in. Just enough space remained between Rob’s mattress and the roof of the van to lay the dresser flat. To achieve this we had to lift the heavy dresser above the rest of the packed items and slide it into place.

Rob quickly explained how he wanted to do this. “I’ll be the fulcrum.”… I wasn’t sure how pretending to be a falcon was going to help get that dresser packed. But Rob was the boss.

But as Rob got in position I quickly figured out what he had planned. People on the street gave Rob funny looks as he yelled out “I’m the fulcrum! I’m the fulcrum!” while I hoisted the dresser up onto his back. Using Rob’s back as a pivot point, we manoeuvred the dresser up over the other boxes and into its slot in the van.

With just the first of many loads complete I began to wonder whether the free meal Rob promised me was worth it.

Moral of the story: Does having more stuff make us any happier? When I was in University I remember moving to my new place with a shopping cart. And those were some of my happiest days ever. My last move involved a giant Uhaul and a few cars packed with my crap. There are a lot of advantages to owning less: less hassle, less need for a big expensive house, less dusting, less cleaning, less worry, less insurance, less clutter, less environmental footprint, and less money spent on chiropractors after your move to name a few.

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2 Responses to “I’m the fulcrum!”: Lessons in less

  1. “… less money spent on chiropractors after your move to name a few.” For the record, my back is fine. Also, being the fulcrum was pure genius.

    I couldn’t agree more re: accumulating stuff. I thought I lived a relatively minimalistic life but the move certainly suggested otherwise. Now that I’m all settled in my new place, I’m looking forward to sorting through clothes I rarely wear and boxes of assignments from school that I haven’t looked at in years and don’t know why I’m holding onto…

    – Rob, the Human Fulcrum

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