Monkey Bites and Boob Sweat: Lessons in sharing from the trail

My track record with hikes is a bit of a mixed bag. On a hike in Hong Kong a monkey tried to bite me. In Tobermory, Ontario, the straps of my brother’s backpack snapped so I duct taped the bag to his back. Hiking up a volcano in Ecuador, I let my friend Janele stash my passport inside her bra for safekeeping. When I got it back it was dripping in boob sweat. In Ghana I had to hike several kilometers to the highway after the wheels of our taxi literally fell off.

So yeah, a bit hit and miss.

Despite these minor misadventures, I’m still a huge fan of hiking. There’s a lot to like: getting back to nature, exploring new places, breathing in fresh air, exercising, daydreaming that you’re actually from Lord of the Rings on an orc-hunting mission. The list goes on.

Another thing I really enjoy is how hikers will leave their old walking sticks at the trailheads when they finish up their hike. It makes total sense—nobody needs to hang onto some stick they found in the woods. It always strikes me as being very neighbourly and communal. It’s great being able to just grab one and hit the trail. And they’re great for fighting off the Urak-hai.

Moral of the story: How many things do you hang onto that you’ll never use, read or wear again? Take some time this week to go through your bookshelves and closets to find stuff to donate. Embrace the walking stick philosophy of the trail. Leave behind the things you don’t need for others who could really use them.

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2 Responses to Monkey Bites and Boob Sweat: Lessons in sharing from the trail

  1. Martha (MM) says:

    Ah, I love the moral of this story. I’ve always believed in giving freely hoping what I need will come to me at times I need it – it’s all about good karma 🙂

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