What a noodle in the eye taught me about slowing down.

I had dinner this past weekend with some friends in Kitchener. Chinese food. Ordered “Buddha’s Delight.” It was far from delightful. Slopped on some hot sauce to give it a bit more flavour. 10-fold delightfulness increase, easy. Started to scarf it down way too fast. Slurped up a rice noodle that was drenched in hot sauce. In my haste, the noodle whipped up and slapped me in the eyeball. Burned like the fiery infernos of hell. My friends laughed at me (as friends do during such times). I cursed Buddha all the way to the bathroom to flush out my stinging eye.

Moral of the story: Slow down when you eat–choking isn’t the only hazard. Chew more. Put your fork (or chopsticks) down between bites. Be present with your dinner companions. Savour your food and the conversation. Moral of the story #2: Easy on the hot sauce.

This has been a quick lesson learned from life’s absurd moments. Share your own in the comment section below! And be sure to check out my book “Simple(ton) Living: Lessons in balance from life’s absurd moments”.

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