Simple Living Digest

I’ve started to post quick and easy simple living tips and advice on my Facebook Page and Twitter account.  This page is an ongoing compendium of those tips. I’m constantly adding new items so be sure to check back often. Be sure to leave your own ideas in the comment section. Thanks!

  1. Free up some time in your evening – cut 1 TV show from your routine. Note: Glee hasn’t been good since season 1.
  2. Don’t be overwhelmed by de-cluttering! Choose 1 room, closet or even 1 drawer at a time each weekend.
  3. Start a gratitude journal – Keep a notebook next to bed. Remind yourself of life’s simple pleasures. Like gotchies out of the dryer.
  4. Eat slowly – chew more.  Attila the Hun choked to death. Don’t be a Hun, hun.
  5. Having a hard time finding time to read? Check out audio books for your car or bus rides to work.
  6. Take some time today to organize your desk. Less clutter, less stress. More order, more productivity.
  7. Reduce waste-Just got back from the mailbox with a load of junk mail destined straight for the recylcling bin. Sign up for electronic billing and opt out of junk mail – here’s how:
  8. Finding it hard to find time to read? Try audio books for your drive to work. Try your local library or visit sites like Audio Books or
  9. Try life without a car for at least a week. Walk, bike, take public transit. Discover a greener, healthier, less expensive way of life.
  10. The average size of a house in North America in 1950 was 800 square feet. Now it’s over 2,000 square feet. Considering buying a large home? Remember hidden costs like upkeep, distance from friends, distance from work, cost to furnish, ecological footprint, energy costs, etc.
  11. Practice being present – take a walk with your camera to take photos as a way of noticing your surroundings.
  12. Learn to say no. Stay home this weekend. Don’t be afraid to cancel plans if you need some time for yourself or loved ones.
  13. Learn to pack light. Challenge yourself with a smaller suitcase/bag.
  14. DIY is a great way to save money. Learn how to do things like fix a leaky faucet, change your own windshield wiper or sew a button on a shirt .
  15. Challenge: reduce your wardrobe by at least 10 items tonight and drop them off at a donation bin tomorrow.
  16. Instead of watching TV tonight, call an old friend or family member that you’ve lost touch with.
  17. Read Courtney Carver’s blog post, “50 (More) Ways to Leave Your Clutter“.
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