Balancing Priorities and Prioritizing Balance

I’m really excited to announce the launch of my latest book! It’s called Balancing Priorities and Prioritizing Balance. (Available in print [$5.00] and as an ebook [$0.99]). If you’ve ever asked the question “where the heck am I going?” or wanted to find room in your busy schedule for the things you love, this is the book for you. And the best part is it costs less than dinner at McDonald’s (and it’s a whole lot better for you too). Check out the excerpt below for a sneak peek.

The book contains seven exercises designed to help you:

  • identify what’s really important to you
  • explore alternative definitions of success
  • examine your work-life balance
  • develop practical strategies to make room for life’s priorities

I draw a lot from my bout with cancer and how that experience brought into sharp focus for me the things in life that truly matter (the people, experiences and simple pleasures). And of course it wouldn’t be one of my books if I didn’t throw in a few idiotic stories from my past as well.

It’s not a long book (52 pages). But the exercises are meant to be given a lot of time, thought and revisited often. I hope you find them thought-provoking, practical and fun.

Order your print or electronic copy of Balancing Priorities and Prioritizing Balance today!

A huge thank you goes out to my sister-in-law, Jody, for her amazing work on the cover art. I can’t thank you enough!


Exercise 1: Reasons to Fight List – Identifying what you are passionate about and your life priorities

Exercise 2: Your Life Wheel – Creating a graphical representation of how you are spending your time

Exercise 3: Goals List – Creating actionable and time-bound steps toward goals you have identified

Exercise 4: A Self-Eulogy – Deciding how you want to live, not just what you want to accomplish

Exercise 5: Your Epitaph – Summarizing your work from Exercises 1-4 in a single mission statement

Exercise 6: The Suitcase Scenario – Developing ways to make room in life for your priorities

Exercise 7: Discipline – Finding ways to stay on track and committed to your goals


Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction of the book’s first exercise:

“Rare as hell,” my oncologist, Dr. Lipton, told me, reviewing the results of my latest bone marrow biopsy. It had been a month since my diagnosis. The miserable weather of an Ontario February paralleled the miserable condition of my health. In the span of a few weeks things had gone from oh, crap, to oh, $%$@!!! My leukemia had gotten real aggressive, real quick, and would require a real aggressive and real quick response.

Less than a week later I entered Princess Margaret Hospital as an inpatient to begin my chemotherapy treatment. I would spend a month as a resident of the 15th floor, celebrating my 28th birthday hooked up to an IV.

The circumstances sucked. But I remained determined to do everything I could to win this fight.

It started with a list.

On the top of a new page in my journal I wrote the words “Reasons to Fight”. I proceeded to list whatever popped into my head about what made life so worth living. One hundred and eighteen reasons later I had my list. It yielded interesting results such as:

#33 – thunderstorms

#50 – a freshly made bed

#79 – skinny dipping

#99 – sandwiches

#117 – Mom’s spaghetti sauce

In fact, a lot of food-related items made the list. Considering I was living off of hospital food, this isn’t exactly surprising.

What is surprising, however, is what didn’t make the list. Money, my job, fancy clothes, big house, fast car, big-screen TV: none of these made the cut. Instead, the list burst at the seams with family, friends and the hundred simple things we take for granted every day. Experiential riches, not material wealth filled my list and opened my eyes to what matters most in life.

A month later, twenty pounds lighter and much balder, I stepped out of the hospital and into the fresh air (#31 on my list). With my friends Julie (#15) and Rob (#16) by my side I emerged a little further along on my journey and a lot more appreciative of those things I used to take for granted.


Funny stories. Good advice. Josh Martin is the author of the books “Simple(ton) Living: Lessons in balance from life’s absurd moments” and “Balancing Priorities and Prioritizing Balance”.  Click here to learn more and to order.

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3 Responses to Balancing Priorities and Prioritizing Balance

  1. Marci Payne says:

    Looks like a great book. I do this all day long in my head or on a list. What’s most important, goes first than what’s next. If I don’t follow it, I get scattered in many directions.

    • Thanks Marci – I’m a HUGE fan of lists too. The book also has advice and strategies for simplifying your life in order to reduce your busyness and make room for what really matters.

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