Old is the new new

By Tara Tracy
Guest Blogger

First, a summary of my life as a blogger…                                                                              This is my first blog. Before today, you’d say blog and I’d hear “blaw-g.” I thought blogs, bloggers and blogging were for techy nerds, the outraged, gardeners, gossipers or vane braggy types. Then I read some blogs. Turns out the term “professional blogger” is not an oxymoron. Some people are really good bloggers; and people say good blogs can spread important information, act as a check on monopoly mainstream media and help support a culture of change. So I’m into it. Just. Like. That.  

In 2011 I’m going to NOT buy new stuff and I’m going to blog about it. Not all about it—just how I’m doing it, the upsides, the majorly hard parts and all the cheating in between.

The last time I did this it turned me right off shopping for years. But then in 2010, I had a baby and developed the itch to buy baby crap. So I need to take a mulligan …give myself a non-shop booster shot.

Old is the new new!                                                                                                                          Buying nothing new doesn’t mean doing without. I’ll beg, barter, swap or buy whatever I need, as long as it’s pre-loved. Nothing new.

Here’s my Personal List of Exceptions:                                                                                            – food & drink                                                                                                                                      – medicines & hygiene                                                                                                                        – family outings & travel                                                                                                                    – a few Mexican treasures (don’t get mad, I’ll explain later)

Just 353 non-shopping days to go until Christmas…



About Mymulligans

I'm just a regular person, you know one of those, "a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a new mom"--types. But lately I've been putting more thought into my life decisions and one thing I've decided is that I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. And I need to appreciate, use, fix up, give away and wear out what I have before I get a single other thing NEW. In 2011 I'm going to blog about this. I'm calling these notes, "My Mulligans."
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