Be Patient

A few months ago I wrote an “I’ve Never” post about my pitifully pathetic vegetable garden at work (check out the post here). The carrots were tiny, the cucumbers all died and the yellow beans tasted like I was chewing on a pencil.

I had given up all hope on the failed experiment. And as the days grew shorter and colder, I stopped visiting my public embarrassment altogether. My co-worker, Nancy, however, who had been sharing the garden plot with me, kept telling me to go out and pull up the rest of my carrots. I have no carrots! I felt like shouting, like an ashamed father disowning his children.

But then there was MegaCarrot.

I arrived at work a bit early one cold and windy morning recently and parked near the community garden. Heaving a sigh, I put my shame aside and wandered over to our plot. All around me were fully harvested gardens, except mine, with its patch of green leaves from the group of disappointing carrots I had left to rot.

Slowly I started pulling up the inadequate vegetables, my heart as cold as my numb fingers digging through the frigid dirt. Just as I suspected. The carrots were still pathetically small.

And then, as I was about to abandon my efforts and head to my cubicle, I saw a massive bit of greenery amongst the rest of the carrots. I assumed it was some giant weed; further testament to my incompetence as a gardener. I started to pull, and as my fingers dug below the surface to get a better grip, a flash of orange caught my widening eyes.

No! It couldn’t be!

It was. It was a carrot. A giant, albeit hideous, carrot. My carrot. My MegaCarrot. It was as though MegaCarrot had been drawing the life force of all the other vegetables in the garden so it could absorb their power and become this behemoth.

I had not failed after all. I grew a carrot worthy of a crisper.

carrotus maximus


So here is today’s tip: be patient. The seeds we plant in life can take a lot longer than we expect before they start to grow. Don’t let set-backs and disappointments keep you from sticking to a project or dream you have. Seek out and listen to the Nancys in your life; the ones who encourage you to keep at it and to not give up on your garden, no matter how discouraged you get.

All hail MegaCarrot! Huzzah!


Funny stories. Good advice. Josh Martin is the author of the book “Simple(ton) Living: Lessons in balance from life’s absurd moments.” Click here to learn more and to purchase a copy.

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