See ya, summer!

Are you serious? Summer? Over?!

Yup, today is officially the last day of summer. The days are getting shorter, the weather cooler and people are whining and complaining about the change in seasons as if it’s come as a surprise and doesn’t happened every single year.  

Not me though. I love Fall. The leaves, the crispness in the air, the promise of Halloween, the skankiest holiday of the year. Yes, Fall is fine by me.

So as the Summer winds down, I’m also going to be winding down the frequency of blog posts on Josh Martin Ink. There are a couple of reasons – the primary one being that my home internet has been painfully slow and unreliable, making blog posts a rage-inducing exercise of futility. So until I get that sorted out I’ll be scaling back a bit. The other option is do my posting at the office but I’m not sure my boss would appreciate that. I’m also focusing my attention this Fall on a couple offline writing projects that should keep me good and busy.

So, happy Fall and stay tuned!

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