Josh Martin’s School of Simple Living – the column

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Attention: Editors and Publishers

Josh Martin’s School of Simple Living is a humour/advice column about balanced living. Each 600-700 word article begins with a humourous anecdote from my many misadventures. The story is followed by the life lesson I learned from the experience as well as practical tips to help readers live a more balanced and simpler life.

There are several reasons why I feel this column would be an excellent addition to your publication.

  1. It’s relevant. A 2005 study conducted by Statistics Canada revealed that nearly one-third of Canadians consider themselves workaholics. With such a large number of people feeling the time crunch, there is a demand for an advice column that offers practical tips on work-life balance, slowing down and simple living.
  2. It’s affordable. Each 600-700 word article costs only $15 for one-time, nonexclusive rights and a guarantee that the column will not be published in a competing publication. Or, save 33% when you purchase all 52 articles at once for only $520. That’s less than 2 cents per word.
  3. It’s ready-to-go. No need to sweat deadlines with a full year’s worth of weekly articles ready for print. With 52 articles already written – and more being written every week – School of Simple Living offers a reliable bank of engaging content for your publication.
  4. It’s entertaining. Whether driving my scooter through the streets of Taiwan wearing a dress, chasing a thief through back alleys in Africa, rafting down a river in a dugout canoe in the jungles of Ecuador, or fighting cancer here in Canada, the anecdotes in these articles add a unique and hilarious flavour to the column.

Click here to view five sample articles from School of Simple Living as well as a listing of all the articles available at this time.

Let me know if you are interested in using this column in your publication and if you would like to see all 52 articles. I can be reached by phone at 519-856-0919 or by email at


Josh Martin

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