This is it! Badge of Awesome is now live.

Phew. Well, after a lot of hard work and a lot of screaming obscenities at my computer screen when I couldn’t figure out why some images were loading while others weren’t, I’m thrilled to announce that the Badge of Awesome website is now up and running!

Occasional spikes in blood pressure aside, I’m really happy with how it’s come together.

As a repository of ideas for cool things to do close to home and around the world, BoA’s goal is to celebrate and inspire acts of awesomeness. Each week I’ll be adding new stuff in three main categories:

  • The Blue Marble Badge: Showcasing cool, weird and fun activities from all corners of the globe.
  • The Backyard Badge: Celebrating imaginative activities and recognizing adventure close to home.
  • The Buddha Belly Badge: Recognizing creative and inspiring ways to help others.

I’ll also be running contests throughout the year like the Bucket List Contest. So be sure to check that out and enter your own bucket list items. Most importantly though, I want Badge of Awesome to be a place where people share their cool experiences.

Thanks for your support and encouragement as I got this baby off the ground! The success of this project hinges on you guys helping me spread the word and I really appreciate it.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Subscribe to Badge of Awesome to receive an email notification whenever I add a new post.
  2. Join the Badge of Awesome Facebook page and invite your friends to join as well.
  3. Follow me on Twitter.
  4. Share the link to Badge of Awesome ( with your family, friends, neighbours, Twitter followers, coworkers, pets, the dude who delivers your pizza and even that weird-looking guy on the bus.
  5. Share you own awesome experiences. Check out the site for details.

Thanks again, friends! You’re awesome.

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Oh, the things we do: A call for submissions

The world is full of great things to do, both close to home and in far-flung places. I want to hear about them! I’m looking for submissions of photos, videos and stories of awesome things you’ve done.

As I mentioned last week, in July I’ll be launching my new site, “Badge of Awesome”. The main goal behind BoA is to celebrate the cool things we do close to home and around the world. I want the site to be full of content provided by its users and that’s where you come in!

The content of the website is going to fall under 3 main activity categories:

The Blue Marble Badge

Cool, weird and fun activities from all corners of the globe (things like adventurous activities, cool festivals, unique traditions, etc.). For example:

  • A photo of you white water rafting in New Zealand
  • A video of you joining the Sour Toe Cocktail club in Dawson City
  • A story of something cool you got to do during Mardi Gras in New Orleans

The Backyard Badge

Celebrating creativity and imagination and recognizing cool things to do close to home (things like cool twists on a dinner party, fun backyard games, something awesome you’ve built, etc.). For example:

  • Photos of a giant slingshot you made with your buddies
  • Rules to a bizarre drinking game you invented or enjoy to play
  • A video of an impromptu jam session you had in your community

The Buddha Belly Badge

Creative and inspiring activities done in support of a cause or to help others (things like unique fundraising ideas, cool awareness-raising events, making a difference through art, etc.). For example:

  • A video of a flash mob you did at your school
  • A list of out-of-the-box ideas for fundraising activities
  • A photo of some sidewalk chalk art you created to raise awareness about a cause

Those are just a few ideas! I know so many of you have had some wicked cool experiences overseas and do some off-the-wall stuff close to home too. I’m excited to hear about them and would love to share them on Badge of Awesome.

Email me your stories, photos and videos

So send them my way! You can email me your stuff at If it’s a photo or a link to a video, it’d be great if you could include a description of what the activity was and a brief reflection by you about it.

Also, if you have seen a cool video or story online that you think fits the BoA criteria, feel free to flip those my way too.

Thanks everybody! You’re awesome.


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Badge of Awesome

As my online serial novel comes to its thrilling conclusion this month over at Plot Hinge, I’m excited to let you know about my next project. In July I’ll be launching Badge of Awesome: an online magazine celebrating the many cool things we do at home and around the world.

Badge of Awesome is all about sucking the marrow, squeezing lemons and carpe-ing diems. It’s about making the most out of life and valuing experiential riches over material wealth. It’s about plowing through bucket lists and adding more items to them. It’s about inspiring people to try new things and find adventure in their everyday.

In addition to sharing my own posts and articles, I’ll also act as an “aggregator of awesome”: gathering and sharing great stories, videos and photos that will hopefully get you fired up to get off the couch.

More than anything, I want BoA to be about you guys. I’m looking to you to share the awesome experiences you’ve had through photos, stories and videos. Just like a cookbook is full of recipes for great meals, I want Badge of Awesome to be full of recipes for great memories.

So if you have an awesome story, idea, photo or video of things you’ve done, please email them my way! I’d love to share them on the site. Also, let me know in the comment section what you think of this idea and what kind of stuff you’d like to see.

I’ll be working hard in the coming weeks to get BoA up and running. So stay tuned for more details. And in the meantime, put on your awesome pants and don’t be afraid to give ‘er.


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Moving Musings: Realizing I don’t need 21 coffee mugs

I moved to Waterloo last week. What a friggin’ chore. May was a marathon month filled with boxing, purging, cursing, organizing, cursing, cleaning and more cursing. Here are 15 reflections from my move this time around. Continue reading

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Lookin’ Good at Timmy Ho’s: A lesson in self-awareness

Damn you tequila. Damn you to hell.

This was the first thought that crossed my mind when I woke up this past Sunday morning. I laid sprawled out on my cousin Phil’s couch, whose bachelor party we had been celebrating the night before.

Sitting up, I worked some moisture into my dry mouth and took in my surroundings. My snoring cousin John lay crammed into the smaller couch in the living room. Continue reading

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Big Ol’ Jar of Coins: The little things add up

It takes a long friggin’ time to roll two years-worth of spare change. My decision to suck it up and roll my coins last week was motivated by a few things:

  1. I don’t want to lug all my change with me when I move later this month.
  2. The demise of the Canadian penny inspired me.
  3. It was a great way to procrastinate from doing real work. Continue reading
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The Ugliest Pie in the Land: Dealing with life’s curveballs

My roommate Shane and I are typical bachelors in many ways. I’ve got a Superman poster in my bedroom. Shane’s got a bunch of Star Wars toys in his. The furniture in our place is a mishmash of used pieces, chosen for utility and convenience over what’s stylish or “in”. You’ll find a stack of comic books behind the toilet in our bathroom. Continue reading

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